Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You are enough.

A year ago I wrote these words on the comments section of a blog written by a mom who has gone before me with her own premature son. She re-posted them in this post and I re-found them while surfing the web this evening. I found it to be such a treasure that I thought I'd share.

Folks, we are all enough. Whatever or wherever you are, it is, simply, enough.

I worked with non-verbal, non-ambulatory adults before having my second trimester baby. They kindly taught me that I was an intellectual snob. If you'd asked me, "Do you think all people have value?" I would have said yes. But secretly, in that part of me I wasn't even aware existed, my actions showed that I believe people had to be smart enough, bright enough, fast enough, good enough. They had to have something that they were best at, and I was constantly measuring myself to see if I was "enough" of anything.

My adult special needs clients quickly became friends. And they weren't fast enough, smart enough, etc. enough at anything. But yet they were enough.

Now when people in my very brainy world (full of philosophers and academics) talk about what it is to be human, I think of these friends. If their definition does not include my friends, it is a false definition, because in so many ways these friends taught me how to be human better than my lofty education ever could.

I know that sounds ideal and romanticized, but the lessons I learned from them were ones that no textbook could have taught me.

The lessons I learned from them were the ones that allowed us to, without hesitating, say "yes, resuscitate our son, because if he can live - even if it's as a non-verbal and non-ambulatory person, if he can even have a chance at life, it is worth it."

And it has been so worth it.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Nominate your NICU hero

Do you know a NICU Hero? Did you ever get a chance to thank that special person?

Hand to Hold and Mead Johnson Nutrition are accepting nominations from April 1 to May 14, 2015, to the Third Annual NICU Heroes Awards. They are inviting parents and caregivers to nominate NICU health care professionals whose compassionate care and dedication helped lessen the emotional toll of a NICU stay and ensured the best outcome for their baby and family. 

There really are so many NICU and bereaved families receive care from neonatal staff who goes above and beyond what is required.

Nominating is easy. Fill out a short form with contact information, your story, hospital name and the name and email of the NICU professional you'd like to nominate. That’s it!  

Nominations will be from April 1 to May 14, 2015 at 5pm CT. All nominees will receive a Certificate of Nomination in recognition of their achievement and a copy of the story you share about the difference they made for your child/ren and family. It's a wonderful way to share your appreciation for their efforts when words hardly seem enough.

A panel of judges, composed of NICU parents and active NICU professionals, will judge the awards and decide on two winners. The two NICU Heroes Award Winners will receive the following:
·  A  a NICU Hero Award certificate and trophy, presented at the winner’s hospital,
·  A $2,500 donation made in their honor to the pediatric healthcare charity of their choice*, and
·  A one-year subscription to the Hand to Hold NICU Resource Library for the winner’s hospital to help educate families new to the NICU
*Some limitations apply