Graham's Foundation A preemie support foundation that offers care packages for NICU families and families coming home from the NICU. I have never used their services, but wish I'd known about them last year.  This site also has an extensive "Parent Resources" section that gives links to many other preemie-related organizations.

Good books for siblings of preemies My review of books that encouraged my girls as their brother recovered and grew in the hospital. Also, a book I hope to read to my son - a good book for little kids who were once preemies.

What to buy for a new micro-preemie or the parents of a premature baby.

NICU Central Written by a NICU nurse

Hand to Hold A non-profit supporting NICU parents with information and resources. Also the hosts the blog site Preemie Babies 101.  Your definition of parenting has changed, your dream for your child is changing. From resources to a prayer page, this website helps parents who are in the midst of a difficult diagnosis or working toward understanding their special needs child. You are not alone in your concerns for your child.  (I know, not all preemies/micropreemies have special needs long-term, but they all START OUT with special needs, and it's nice to know you're not the only one!)

Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation - support for NICU parents, before and after the NICU experience, including those who have experienced loss.

Feeding Matters - for support and help with feeding issues surrounding prematurity.

Papas of Preemies

RSV Education handout

Note: I do not own and cannot guarantee the services of any of the resources listed above.

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