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"Surviving the Post-NICU Roller Coaster" on Preemie Babies 101
"The Jogger: Part One" on Different Dream for My Child
"The Jogger: Part Two" on Different Dream for My Child
"What is a Miracle?" on Preemie Babies 101
"How Numbers Save Babies - Celebrating the Birth of Virginia Apgar" on Preemie Babies 101
"The Gift of Presence" in The Banner
"The Vision of Trees" in Catapult* Magazine
"Blood - The Perfect Gift" on Preemie Babies 101
"Delight Despite Delays" on Preemie Babies 101

Pray: Those who mourn - learning to cry out to God
Calvin College Chapel, Fall 2012

Birth Experiences: When things go wrong
Calvin College, child development class, Fall 2013, Fall 2014

Early Intervention: A parent's experience with the Early On program
Calvin College, education class, Spring 2014

Listen to Your Mother Southwest Michigan, Spring 2017

In the news
Michigan Blood article
Local news story

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