Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 30 - a picture explaining the lines and tubes on a preemie

A year ago I made this helpful diagram, to show what each of JAM's lines meant

I got some things wrong.  Like it's not a PIC line it's a PICC line. It was about the thickness of four strands of thread used for cross-stitching, and about that flexibility too (only a little tougher).  It somehow had a hole through the middle of it so that liquids could be administered.

He also had a IV for a blood transfusion a year ago today, because the platelets in the blood wouldn't be able to get through that tiny hole through the PICC line.  The duck was sanitized before it was ever put in his isolette.

After seeing him in the NICU, Jonathan's sisters came home impressed.  Their conversation went like this:
Mimi (3): Jonathan sure is good at sleeping.
Ella (5): We didn't even teach him how to do that.
Mimi: He is even much better that us. He's an expert at having closed eyes.
Ella: He sure is.

Leave it to kids to find the positive to talk about. They were becoming used to having their brother in the NICU. Ella had attended a family support program for siblings and, in addition to coming home with preemie diapers, a stuffed animal, coloring book and belly full of pizza, she came home an expert in all things little Jonathan. Like me, when Ella knew things it gave her the illusion of control, and that helped her cope better.
Both girls were starting to fall a little more in love with their little guy.  They still call him that today, "our little guy."  I hope, for his sake, that doesn't continue forever.  Perhaps some day he'll be taller than them. Then he won't be their "little" brother any more.

Some pictures from a year ago:

Ella at Jonathan's bedside

Ella and Grandma making
a frame for a picture for her locker

Ella at the NICU learning to wear
a mask and hair net like the doctors

Ella showing off the stuffed animal and shirt she got from the
NICU family support people at the siblings dinner.
She got one for Mimi, too.

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