Wednesday, July 16, 2014

He gained a pound!

Only two weeks into our fight against the acidosis monster (otherwise known as "Renal Tubular Acidosis") and already we are starting to see some HUGE gains.

As in a pound.

As in more than he gained between November and May combined.

All in two weeks.

This momma is really really happy.

Tomorrow my baby turns two, and he is finally over 18 lbs. 4 ounces over, to be exact.

Take THAT you nasty acidosis monster,  you. You can't hold JAM back ANY MORE. We've found your cryptonite, and it's only a little more medicinal than baking soda. Ha.

(Sigh of bliss.)

Say goodbye, failure to thrive. Because THIS baby? This baby is going to THRIVE now. Just wait and see what this next year will hold!


  1. This is such wonderful news, Laura. So happy for all of you!


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