Saturday, February 13, 2016

Out of the bubble - we caught RSV. But it isn't as bad when you're three.

My son got sick. He was so cranky that we went in after just a day or so of illness and found that he had an ear infection. After three days of antibiotics and several renal panels because he was acting just that weird, we went in for another check up at the doctor's office. She was concerned about his oxygen saturation and sent him in for overnight motoring at the hospital. I thought it'd be a quick stay.

That night he was put on oxygen. For two nights and the better part of his second day there he needed oxygen. On the third night he finally saturated normally so we were able to go home.

I knew we'd have to leave the bubble of isolation eventually, and I knew that with a micropreemie that came with risks. The first year of preschool is hard for any kid. My older kids were sick every other week at preschool. By comparison Jonathan's been doing pretty good. He had croup, a cold, and now RSV/an ear infection this school year, but that isn't too bad.

But this reminded me of a few important lessons for you micropreemie parents:
1. RSV is no small thing! If it can kick a three and a half year old former micropreemie hard enough to hospitalize them for four days, then your younger preemie could be hospitalized even longer.
2. Lungs are still developing in infants and toddlers. Keeping their lungs safe from illness and infection now is helping develop lung strength for the future.
3. Isolation IS hard, but there's an end to it. It's worth the investment.

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