Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween this year

 Halloween saw SuperJAM at three different appointments.

Receptionist: Who is this?
Steve (Dad): SuperBaby is here!
Steve (whispering): He goes by Jonathan, but don't tell, he doesn't want people to know who he really is.

This year
Last year


  1. Wow, I might be really behind the times, but standing and pushing up with his arms like that. Those seem like huge accomplishments! Superman indeed. :)

  2. Jamie: No, you're not too far behind. This is fairly new -- like in the past month. And now he's been going up on all fours consistently all week. And while he's still between four and eight months behind on gross motor (depending which "age" you go by) his therapists are impressed with him! He might be crawling well before Christmas. AND when we stand him up and hold his hands, he takes independent steps all over the house.


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