Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RSV season has begun

That's right. In our household, we are declaring the beginning of RSV season.

We now move back into our second and last season of isolation. Until May we will have no unnecessary outings, no church, no grocery stores, and no restaurants for JAM. All in the name of his lung development and our desire NOT to see the inside of the hospital.

Our visit as a family to church last week, despite precautions, had JAM coming home with a cough, rattly lungs, and higher respirations. He's ok, but it is a good warning. Snow(!) is in the forecast for later this week. People's windows are closed and I predict RSV will start to hit soon.
Thus, a week earlier than aanticipated, we go into hiding.

He is happy about the new sign on his car seat. A reminder for doctors' offices.

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  1. This sign is a great idea. I have a 25 weeker who will be discharged soon and knowing the appointments we have ahead of us, I want to be prepared! Thanks for sharing.


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