Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PAM FOD #12 - Viability

Prematurity Awareness Month
Fact of the Day
Day 12

Q: When is a unborn baby able to live outside the womb?
A: 24 weeks is generally when a baby is considered "viable," or able to live outside the womb. If you've been following this month's posts, though,  you'll know that that is a hard time to be born, even so, and chances of survival are not that great (though better than a decade ago).  The longer a baby can safely stay in the womb, the better.

Babies born at JAM's gestational age (23 weeks) are in a grey area, and so doctors consult with the parents about birth.  This week's writing prompt on a blog I follow is about choice.  In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, today's Fact of the Day, and this week's writing prompt, I refer back to my own blog post on choice. I could re-write, but I'd write the same thing.

We chose to resuscitate a "nonviable" (borderline viable) baby, knowing it would mean raising a child who would have special needs for a few years and possibly for the rest of his life, knowing he may never walk, or talk, or eat on his own.

This was one of the easiest hard decisions we've ever had to make. I am so grateful for a spouse that was on the same page with me.

The road that followed wasn't easy. The path that took us here, though, was clear.

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  1. All preemies are miracles and micro preemies are extra special!

  2. I am so glad you joined the writing prompt, this is a story of hope!


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