Friday, November 8, 2013

PAM FOD #8 - Preemie complications: Hearing Loss

Prematurity Awareness Month
Fact of the Day
Day 8

Q: Can being born prematurely impact a baby's hearing?
A: Yes. According to one study, around one quarter of preterm babies with a very low birth weight like JAM (below 1500 grams -- JAM was born at 600 grams) have some central or peripheral hearing loss.

For more about hearing loss in preterm babies, visit this March of Dimes site or the Center for Disease Control.

(Family wants to know: is it impacting Jonathan's hearing? Like everything else, we don't quite yet know. Both ears passed the NICU test, and one of the ears has failed the two tests we've had post-discharge. This could be because of wax in the ears, and so the nurses are willing to wait through one more cycle of tests before they become concerned. He is tracking with his hearing milestones, so it's unlikely that he's having issues. At the very least, it's not holding him back!)

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