Sunday, November 17, 2013

PAM FOD #14: World Prematurity Awareness Day

Prematurity Awareness Month
Fact of the Day
Day 14

No question and answer today, just a recognition.
Today is World Prematurity Awareness day.

JAM last year, finally off breathing support after
his second to last NICU surgery.
I stand with those who have lost a child because they were born too soon, and I mourn with you.

I give a standing ovation to those children who have made it.

And I stand in solidarity with the parents who have taken life a day at a time, as they wish and hope and pray for the best things for their children.

Too many people have found this blog by doing a search for "23 week preemie survivor," and it breaks my heart that others may have to go down what is inevitably a hard road.

Thank you to all who stand and fight so that these kids can have the best chance at living. Thanks to the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doctors who help keep them in as long as possible, and to the NICU nurses and doctors who take these children under their wings when things don't go as planned. Thank you to OBGYNs who are well aware of the signs that something may be going wrong, and encourage us calmly to go in, "just in case." You all are heroes.

16 months after birth, JAM enjoying life.
He is now both a year old adjusted, and a one year old actual.
Next year, we'll drop the whole "adjusted" nonsense entirely.
And, unlike a year ago, we're nearly entirely positive that there
will be a next year. Слава Богу.


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    1. Jennifer, Remembering Joy (with JOY!) and all these little fighters today...


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