Friday, January 17, 2014

18 months old - Cognitive Dissonance

My son is a year and a half old today.

I look at pictures of him just after birth, and then pictures of him after coming home, and I cannot reconcile the two. The son on the right and the son on the left in the picture below are the same son -- but in my mind they are from two different worlds, with two different sets of hopes and dreams.

You weren't that pretty when you were born, but you've come a long way, dear boy.

Welcome to your toddler years!


  1. JAM is such a cool dude. Love the hip glasses! :) Happy 18 months, kiddo!

  2. Just found your blog from the preemie support group on Inspire. Amazing - and so touching to see how far you have all come! My 32 weeker is now 6 mos old, and were so lucky to get that far (I was put on hospital bed redstart @ 23 wk)

  3. Welcome Karen! I'm so glad you got the extra time. Feel free to hang out and respond whenever you want. The best part of blogging for me has been meeting other preemie parents.

  4. Dear Laura and Steve and family, Praise the Lord! You have done amazingly well too! "Dear Lord, Please continue to give wisdom, encouragement, strength, creative energy, Your joy and healing. In Jesus' Name. Amen." Love and more prayers, Norma Colby


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