Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today: J crawled

Have no idea why I posted this picture? Keep reading.
Today, about 8 days shy of 18 months, JAM crawled. He's been moving around on the floor for a while. He has even made one or two crawls forward before belly flopping. But today for the first time he crawled over a foot forward (dare I say two feet?) in the traditional forward four-point fashion. Want to guess what was so intriguing as to pull him forward finally? Post your guesses. I will be back soon with pictures.  [Update: Clearly I have now posted pictures. And the answer. So you missed out on the game, but enjoy the hints and responses anyway!]

Hint: Aunt Katie, you would be proud. And Becky A, you made this moment possible.
Double hint: if you were visually impaired, what would intrigue you?
Last hint: what did he NOT experience for about four months after he was born?

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC!  Jonathan learned to crawl forward so that he could get to the other side of the room to see how such lovely music was being created.

By the way, these images are a bit deceiving. It actually wasn't Ella's wonderful rendition of "Open A String" nor of "Open D String" that caught J's attention.

Here's how the crawling came to be: Ella had her second violin lesson today. She's got an amazing teacher who has zero years of experience teaching violin and charges just as much per hour. (She calls her teacher "mom.")

Today after tuning her instrument, I fiddled around and played a hymn by ear, just for fun. As I played, JAM (who was playing on the other side of the carpet) slowly crawled closer and closer to the instrument to see what was going on. He never (not once) dropped his crawling stance. By the time I was done, he was pulling on my socks to try to stand up and see.

As you can see by the pictures, he was still interested in the violin when Ella played, but he's not QUITE as intrigued by songs that aren't really songs. (He spent the entire time as he crawled to me staring at me with either a very concentrated look or a big goofy grin.)

Methinks I best be rosinin' up my old viola bow. I should get back to playing that instrument while my son still thinks the music I make is pretty.

This moment brought to you by seven months of physical therapy, Becky A's handed down child-sized violin, and the letter G.

P.S. Letter G, thanks for sponsoring. While your clef is still not superior to C clef, I will grant you that it has its place in the world.


  1. Oh - WOW! Way to go JAM! This is so exciting. I can't wait to hear what motivated him. What it the giggles of his sisters?!

  2. EXCELLENT guess. ... but not quite it.

  3. Facebook guesses have been "music" and "his glasses" -- again, both good guesses...

  4. This whole post warms my heart inside and out. Yay, oh yay, oh yay for the amazing-ness of music!

  5. I stubmeld across yoru blog a few days ago searching for preemie blogs, but I don't think I commentd then as I'm not too good with commenting on Blogger blogs. I didn't know JAM is visually impaired. Does he have ROP? I do (I'm a former 25-weeker now 27). I was guessign some type of music indeed was what got him intrigued. I am proud of you for playing such beuatiful music that he got motivated to try to crawl, and prouder of JAM for succeeding.

  6. blogginastrid --
    He had Rush ROP+ and had laser eye surgery at 2 months old. It preserved some central vision as thus the retinas stayed attached, but at the expense of peripheral vision. We aren't sure yet what he does and doesn't see, but he wears glasses as he is severely nearsighted.

    He has always loved music, ever since he first heard instrumentals in the NICU at four months old, so I should have realized earlier that live music was the key. He's always boppin about to classical music when we play it on the radio.

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks even more for commenting! I have another 20-something friend with a vision impairment from ROP as a result of severe prematurity. I met her when she was getting her undergrad degree. She's a bit of an inspiration to me.

  7. YAY!!!!! VIOLIN!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

    ~Auntie Katie


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