Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life catching up with us

Apologies. There will be no post giving a great idea of what to do in a season of RSV today.

In an attempt to get JAM the best care he needs (and protect him from germs these first few years), my husband has accepted a new job that allows me to stay at home for the time being.  I am currently working half-time.

Steve's job doesn't start for a few months, but the housing market is really very good right now, so we've been encouraged to get our house on the market this week. We were told this exactly six days ago. The realtor comes back out to check out the house again tomorrow.

So instead of trying to find things to keep us busy and sane, I find myself insane with the tasks of cleaning, painting, de-cluttering, and fixing. All while trying to keep most of the paint fumes and chemicals out of the air that surrounds my CLD baby.

It sounds awful, but thanks to the help of my parents and the amazing youth group at my church (yes, I broke quarantine again and allowed a dozen high schoolers to tromp through my home with cleaning supplies), we think it is probably possible.

In other news, I'll have a practically empty home by the end of this week, so I can finish my installment of activities for RSV season next Wednesday.

Wish us luck!


  1. Wow - talk about a whirlwind! Good luck with the house and congratulations on the new job and your almost SAHM status! :)

    1. Thanks! I won't be blogging much for the next month, so email me if anything super exciting happens with our blog/twitter friends.


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