Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Surviving Isolation - Activity of the Week #2 - Sensory Kitchen

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Today is one of those days that doesn't feel like an isolation day. Actually, that's been this whole week.  In addition to early intervention, occupational therapy and physical therapy (JAM's normal weekly appointments) we've also gotten to see his ophthalmologist, pulmonologist, and had an MRI done (not a big deal, but a time-consuming one).

So we haven't really been isolated. We've been busier than I was when I had an infant and a toddler and was a stay-at-home mom who could actually attend story time and go to the grocery store.

Thus, I pass off my weekly prompt to a micro-preemie mom in arms, another mother who delivered a baby in July instead of November the year Jonathan was born.

The title of her post is "Making Blueberry Sour Cream Bread in Jax's Sensory Kitchen"

Her recipe looks delicious, her plan flawless -- so head over to her blog and learn how to make the most in a sensory way of these cold and grueling days.

Here's what I like about her post:
1. It smells good
2. Your kid can play with the ingredients -- either in a plastic bag or out (depending on if you want to use the ingredients for anything)
3. For potentially oral-adverse kids and kids with processing disorders, playing with textures and smelling the results seems IDEAL.

By the way, so -- you may not have all the ingredients in your house (particularly true if some of your family is vegan, like mine) -- but even so, LOOK, you can do this with ANY recipe. (Let's be honest, though, I really really want to make THIS recipe after reading her description.)

Thanks, mom of Jax (see, even a similar name! I love this blogger!) for your great ideas. Stay warm.

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