Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Surviving Isolation - Activit(ies) of the week #3 - Seven sensory sensations

The post below comes to us by guest blogger, Becca. Follow her daughter's story here:

Thank you so much, Becca, for sharing your ideas today!

My little one, Charlie, was born the day she reached twenty six weeks gestation and weighed 790 grams. She is almost two years old now but continues to struggle with motor delays and sensory issues.

These are a few of her favorite home activities I use to help her with the delays:

1) Pillow Obstacle Course: When Charlie was a creeper and/or crawler, I used couch cushions, decorative cushions, and bed pillows to create an obstacle course for her to crawl over. Now that she is starting to walk, I stack the pillows a little higher (make sure they are steady), create a three pillow tunnel, or have her walk over a pillow (remain close by to catch any tumbles).

2) Rice or Bean Hunt: I use a plastic storage container, but a shoebox or a big pot will work just as well. I fill it with rice, beans, quinoa, millet, or anything that I have on hand. Then, I bury small toys in the container and leave a few visibly sticking out. After a prompt such as “Where’s the duck? I’m going to get it!” Charlie loves to dig through the container to find her toys.
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3) Textured Fabric Exploration: I gather different types of fabric items such as fleece, knit sweaters, towels, flannel, nylon, etc and place the fabrics in a clothes basket. Charlie and I explore the fabrics. I ask questions like “Is it scratchy? Is this one soft?” We also use the fabrics to play games such as peek a boo or to hide toys.

4) Pasta Sorting: Charlie and I make a game of putting the long pieces of uncooked spaghetti in to empty water bottles or soda bottles. Containers with wider mouths like a the cardboard center of paper towel roll or a jar can work for kids that need it.

5) Homemade Instruments: I make this one up each time we do it. Sometimes, I fill a container with a lid (tape it closed) with beans, rice, or anything that will make a rattle noise. For a quick option, I grab a pot or pan and a wooden spoon to make an instant percussion instrument. Charlie plays the instrument along with her favorite musical video.

6) Window Markers: Charlie likes to use washable markers, white board markers, or markers made specifically for windows on our sliding glass door. Sometimes, I draw and encourage her to imitate my drawing motion.

7) Stuffed Animal Safari: Charlie has a large number of stuffed animals. I place them in different locations around the house. Together we go on a safari! I say something like, “Let’s go find the bear! What does the bear say?” and we look around to find the selected animal. In the process, she climbs up stairs, practices her walking, and we work on her speech. After she finds the chosen animal, we place it in a collective area. When we finish, we recap the animals she has found and go over sounds.


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great! I will be using these ideas for my grandson! Thank you!!

    1. Thank Becca! I'm so grateful for her great post. It came at a perfect time, as I was too busy to follow through with my grand plans for the month of February. So glad you'll find use from these.


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