Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another thought about surrounding...

The purpose of this blog is, entirely, to redirect you to an LA Times article that is AMAZING.

A friend sent me the link after reading yesterday's blog.

It's an image that will help all the worst offenders among us (and by this, I'm pointing at me) to remember how to be supportive of the people we care about and avoid putting our foot in our mouth. It's a principle of circles, and where you stand in the circle, and making sure that only good, helpful, considerate things go in, and everything else, all the fears you have or feelings of worry for the situation -- those get dumped to people on outer circles -- people who are further from the pain.

I've not done the article justice, so look for it here. They even have a pretty diagram, see?

I can think of a good half dozen or more people who will read this and say "YES!  THANK YOU!" so I thought I'd post it for you all.

Jonathan is attending his first wedding today, so while I have a fantastic blog post in my head -- and some critical updates on the "year ago today" theme, those may wait until tomorrow.

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