Sunday, July 7, 2013


I got ultrasounds regularly in the hospital.  Once every few days at least.

A year ago yesterday the technician turned on the 3D component of the ultrasound machine, and I got to see my son like this:

Remember that a year ago yesterday is when the doctor said that "over the weekend things will likely present themselves."  I wonder if the ultrasound technician thought this might be one of the only pictures I'd have.  I knew that when she turned on the 3D -- that this was her gift to me.  Thankfully many more pictures have come since then.  Fantastic, since this shot isn't his best.  

Here's one from yesterday that reminded me of him in the ultrasound picture. Much more handsome now.

And finally, for your listening enjoyment, links to some of the songs I heard on my MP3 player last night when running:

This Time Next Year (Fernando Ortega) -- eleven months ago I could not have listened to this song. I couldn't even imagine JAM in a year, because it hurt too much. Now, on the eve of his first birthday, this song gives flight to hopes and dreams and joy.

Storm (Fernando Ortega)

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