Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy Independence Day.

My bed turned to see the window
A year ago today Steve's mom was in town.  So, as noted before, were my friends Elizabeth and family.  We'd never managed to have the back yard barbeque we'd planned for a week earlier, but my hospital bed overlooked the river and the nurses said we'd get a decent view of the fireworks.

So we all crowded in to the hospital room (I'm sure breaking hospital policy on maximum occupancy) and celebrate the fourth. The girls brought sleeping bags to put on the floor so that the nurses wouldn't be so worried about germs. We'd learned quickly about the hospital's no sitting (or apparently licking off or crawling on) the floor policy.

By the way, did I mention Steve's mom was here? She stayed with us for the long haul, and made it possible for the girls to feel loved and Steve not to feel pulled. She kept us sane. She's a florist, so my hospital room was also always full of floral cheer. I was grateful. When doctors and nurses entered, I looked well-loved.

Staying off the hospital floor... sort of.
We enjoyed junk food and kids movies on TV. The girls didn't make it to the BIG fireworks show. Night comes too late here, and they were too tired, so they went home after the smaller pre-shows were complete. I was alone watching the big fireworks show from my room.  I suppose Jonathan was there, too, but I don't think he could even process sound yet, and so he missed the show.  Even I didn't make it through, though. Being on bedrest is exhausting, and watching a huge fireworks display outside your window when you are alone in a hospital bed just reminds you that you're alone in a hospital bed.  It's not as fun.

Girls with friend watching fireworks out hospital window

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